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Wheatbelt NRM joins Minister’s round table

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Sustainable Industries

It felt like the Knights of Camelot were back as we joined the Minister for Agriculture, Alannah MacTiernan at her round table in Merredin last week.

The purpose of the discussion was to look at how the Department’s research, building the evidence base on regenerative agriculture, can meet the needs of farmers.

We work with community to increase adoption of a range of practices that build a resilient and functional soil base. Good soil health anchors a productive agricultural industry that can adapt to the challenges of a varying climate. Many of the practices we are demonstrating form the basis of the “Regen Ag” area.

What we see is that community are nervous of the label ‘Regen Ag” and would not consider themselves to be part of this despite their interest in many regenerative practices that build soil health.

The barrier to more adoption of these practices is the lack of evidence that demonstrates they lead to a more profitable and sustainable industry.

We are keen to work with the Department and the Minister so that the research will provide practical outcomes that our community can take on board as they strive to adapt to the growing challenges that face Wheatbelt farmers.

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