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Wheatbelt NRM Inc.’s vision is ‘to bring exemplary natural resource management to the Wheatbelt to create healthy environments and livelihoods’. In order to achieve this, the organisation needs support from donors like YOU so that we can develop and implement projects aimed at sustaining this vision. As a community-based not-for-profit, we currently rely on accessing various government programs to support our work, however these often fall short of what is necessary to address the important work we have ahead of us. We draw your attention to the history of the Wheatbelt region, its importance to the food security of Australia and the World, its unique biodiversity with natural, cultural and tourism value. The Wheatbelt is a premium and strategic agricultural region in Western Australia, producing almost half of the value of the State’s agricultural commodities. This includes broad acre crops such as wheat, barley, oats, hay, and canola as well as sheep and other livestock. The region is also central to South West Australia’s recognition as an International Biodiversity Hot Spot with almost 5000 flora species which accounts for 37% of WA’s entire flora. However, historically, the region was extensively cleared for agriculture and now only 16% of the vegetation remains. What is left continues to decline due to salinity, water scarcity and climate variation.

This is why we call you to donate to assist in our various efforts to combat the many challenges affecting this unique region.

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