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WNRM Product Listing

Cage Trap

Trip plate fox trap (Suitable for trapping cats and foxes).

Manufactured in Perth by our friends at Sheffield Wire Works. Contact the manufacturer direct for more products at, or phone Fab Pagnoni on 08-9351 8778 or 0420 924 447.

Factsheet - Trapping feral animals in bushland remnants

450mm x 450mm x 1200mm
Rabbit Bait Stations
  • designed as a safe and efficient way of feeding poisoned bait to pest rabbits.
  • Saves time setting up Baiting Programs and Rabbit Reduction Strategies.
  • Saves money by protecting baits from the weather. Reduces perishing and increases the life and freshness of bait.
  • Easily monitor the uptake of baits and success of your baiting program.
  • Protection – reduces the impact on non-target animals such as pets, livestock and birds.
  • Easy to secure to posts or ground.
Height: 28cm / Width: 20 cm / Length: 30 cms