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Where are the woodlands?

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Healthy Environments

Wheatbelt NRM has been contracted by the Australian Government through the National Landcare Program to conserve the iconic Eucalypt Woodlands of the Western Australian Wheatbelt. These are the unique Woodlands that make the Wheatbelt what it is and contribute to the unique character we all enjoy.

Currently we cannot pin point where these woodlands are or what condition they are in, so the first job for our team and the community is to get out and about looking!

The woodlands are listed as a Threatened Ecological Community under the EPBC Act and are considered critically endangered.

But not all woodlands are part of this project. The EPBC classification describes certain woodland types, with different species composition and condition standards. It includes well known Wheatbelt woodland types such as Salmon Gum, York Gum and Wheatbelt Wandoo and looks for those patches that are in good condition.

We’re developing an assessment method that our team will be trialling this side of Christmas and will be available to community early next year (2019). It will come in a variety of formats which will make assessing the condition of patches very easy whether they be on private property, roadsides or reserves.

If you think you may have these Wheatbelt Woodlands on your property or in your local area, register your interest by contact Anika Dent on 9670 3104

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14th November 2018