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We need your help! Have you seen the Matchstick Banksia?

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Healthy Environments

The Matchstick Banksia – named because the flowers look like a bunch of matches is an endangered species which is only found on sandy soils in a very small area of the Wheatbelt Region. It is found nowhere else in the world.

Known populations are scattered in the Shires of Quairading, Brookton, Cuballing and Narrogin. The flower actually appears as part of the Shire of Quairading logo.

 It is a large shrub, 2-5m tall with the bright flowers out now and through to December. It has dull prickly leaves and can often be found growing with Acorn Banksia and the Sandplain woody pear.

We are currently investigating how we can help protect this highly threatened species and think there may be more populations out there.

If you have seen this remarkable Wheatbelt plant or you have areas of grey, yellow or yellow/brown sands in the shrubland on your farm, located in these Shires, then we would love to come and have a look. Can you help us protect this rare flora?

Please contact Anika Dent at if you can assist.