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Rabbit Proof Fence supports regeneration

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Healthy Environments

Rabbits are a major issue threatening Matchstick Banksia populations in the Wheatbelt.

With only 500 odd plants left each one is important to ensure the survival of this species and rabbits graze on seedlings and damage the root system by digging in the sandy soils the plants grows in.

Wheatbelt NRM is working with landholders to protect the Matchstick Banksia on private property and one action we can take is to fence off the area to allow for regeneration.

This week work was underway in Quairading and Popanyinning. The landholders will also do their bit to reduce the impact of rabbits by releasing the calicivirus RHDV1 K5 and baiting for rabbits.

We think there may be more populations of this amazing plant out in the Wheatbelt so if you sight the striking flowers (Sept to Dec) report your findings using our easy Survey App.

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