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Dalwallinu Free Seedling Day Proves Popular

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Healthy Environments

It’s not often that you get something for free from the back of a ute, but Wheatbelt Natural Resource Management were handing out seedlings last week, much to the delight of residents and visitors. Around 40 people stopped to get their new plants, choosing from a variety of native groundcovers, shrubs and trees.  The Wheatbelt NRM staff had done a fantastic job of creating a file for people to browse through, containing planting guides for each species which you received with your seedlings.  All you had to do was remove the guides and hand them over to receive your plants.  Environmentally conscious, each seedling was placed in a brown paper bag, which could be placed in the ground along with the plant.

A variety of people came along, ranging from school children to retirees.  Farmers looking to revegetate areas, town residents looking to attract birds to their gardens, and those looking to enhance their established gardens all had something to choose from.  The species also provide food and habitat for small mammals and birds, including Carnaby’s Cockatoos, Western Pygmy Possums, Honey Possums and Honeyeaters.

There was a survey for people to fill in, asking about what environmental concerns they had, as well as suggestions as to the type of workshops and information sessions they would be interested in, with 22 surveys being completed. Staff were also busy answering questions about the Wheatbelt NRM, what they do, the projects that they organise and the work that is done by the Biodiversity team across the region.

Sharon Bell

Dalwallinu Community Resource Centre