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The Corrigin Farm Improvement Group lead a revegetation project involving three neighbouring farmers in the Corrigin shire in 2010. This project was funded by the Wheatbelt NRM Soil Conservation Incentives Program. The Larke, Hewett and Guinness families all had previous experience planting trees, but had more areas on their farm that needed revegetating. “It’s good to get trees back into the landscape”, Craig Larke said. “If we had to buy the trees it probably wouldn’t happen”. Using a hired Chatfield tree planter the farmers either block or belt planted saltbush, oil mallees, brushwood and/or sandalwood. Richard Guinness said, “We needed to get help to continue our revegetation work, so the timing of the funding was ideal”. He also mentioned, “We were able to establish trees on our ridge lines to reduce wind erosion and provide shelter for livestock, and the results have been aesthetically pleasing”.