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REfreshed: Corrigin Farmers living the effects of Climate Change

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Sustainable Industries

Corrigin Farmers Simon Wallwork and Cindy Stevens have come a long way since the drought they experienced in 2010. That year yielded 30% less rainfall than any previous recording for the property and it was then they realised the reality of climate change and climate shocks.

Since then Simon and Cindy have been on a journey to build resilience into their farming system and they have not stopped there, deciding to become part of the solution to climate change. In 2019 they calculated their own carbon emissions and set themselves an ambitious goal – to be carbon neutral by 2030.  Again they did not stop there, forming “AgZero 2030” to open up the conversation about climate solutions and actions.

This goal has led to many changes in their farming systems, they are limiting the use of fossil fuels, reducing inputs; such as fertilisers and lime and managing livestock to reduce methane emissions.  They are planting perennials to assist carbon, and improve soil and livestock health.  Retaining their stubbles and a host of other farm management practices to work towards a goal they view as crucial not just for the future of farming but for all.

Watch their amazing journey here………


This project is supported by funding from the Australian Government’s National Landcare Program.

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