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About Us

We are an independent, community-based organisation that provides leadership in the management of natural resources of the Avon River Basin of WA.

We aim for the sustainable use and enjoyment of the unique natural resources of the Wheatbelt.

Our vision of a vibrant Wheatbelt community creating healthy environments and livelihoods is driven by our commitment to developing a legacy of community action.

We do that by building partnerships with industry, government and community. We coordinate improvements in our environmental, social, cultural and industrial practices and we enable our community to take positive action beneficial to our natural resources.

We are committed to our objective of healthy soils, healthy environments, an activated community and an aboriginal community that is connected to country.

Healthy soils

Our team works to increase the adoption of management practices that lead to improvements in soil health. We strive for a productive agricultural industry that is resilient to the impacts of a changing climate and committed to the protection of the resource base. We broker access to beneficial research and support investigation of new approaches to the increasing challenges to our farming systems.

Healthy environments

With so much of the remaining natural environment of the Avon River Basin in private ownership, we work directly with community to protect our unique species and communities while having positive impacts on farm productivity, water quality and protecting the Wheatbelt environment. Our community values the unique biodiversity, the plants and the animals as well as the landscape that is instantly recognisable as ‘our place.’  

Activated community

Our focus on growing a long term commitment to community action comes from acknowledging that the size of the Avon River Basin and the degree to which the landscape has been altered is so large, that significant, system-wide, positive change can only be achieved by activating the resources of the wider community; by building capacity, we build a legacy of purpose and passion.

Connection to Country

The Noongar are the Aboriginal people of the Avon River Basin with, as their ancestors described, a close affinity and relationship with their Country since the time of the Dreaming.

We work in partnership to support their aspirations for all people to respect and understand Noongar culture and have a greater attachment to the land (Budjar) to create a positive and sustainable future for all. 

The Wheatbelt NRM Inc succinct strategy statement for 2018-21 is:

Deliver a program of works designed to get the community of the Wheatbelt active in improving their environment, now and into the future.

The Wheatbelt NRM Incorporated vision is:

A vibrant Wheatbelt community creating healthy environments and livelihoods.

This vision is supported by Wheatbelt NRM Inc’s mission to:

1.  be a leader in NRM through strong governance, a dedicated team and investment in the Regional NRM Strategy;
2.  build partnerships to deliver the vision;
3.  advocate for NRM and the Wheatbelt to national, state and local government;
4.  identify and support innovative and beneficial research;
5.  promote and coordinate improvements in environmental, cultural, social and industrial practices beneficial to NRM;
6.  engage with Aboriginal people and assist with the incorporation of their culture and beliefs within the Wheatbelt;
7.  build capacity within the community to create healthy environments and livelihoods; and
8.  advocate for the Regional NRM Strategy to be part of our partners work. 

How the community influences us
23rd March 2018
3 Year Plan 2018-2021
26th September 2018