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Westonia Youth Photography Event

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Westonia Community Resource Centre recently held a photography workshop to encourage local children to enter the Wheatbelt NRM Youth Environment Photography competition.

It was a rainy Friday in July when eight local children and two adults took off to explore Westonia in all its glory, wandering the town and visiting nearby Carrabin.

Manager of the Westonia CRC, Terri Blake, organised the event and helped the children pick which categories to enter their photos in.

The children, aged between four and ten years old, are very proud of their photos and are very excited that they are being entered a photo competition.


Taylor Geier, aged 7 years


Harrison Criddle, aged 10 years


Makayla Geier, aged 8 years


Ellie Criddle, aged 8 years


Charlotte Criddle, aged 7 years

Beau Criddle, aged 4 years