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Minister keen to learn more about Ranger seed collection

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Aboriginal NRM

Noongar Budjar Ranger Tommy Garlett jumped at the opportunity to share his stories about Ballardong country with a group of interested people from the Wheatbelt Development Commission and DPIRD including Minister Alannah McTiernan at a meeting at Burlong Pool.

The Noongar Budjar Rangers met with Minister for Regional Development Alannah McTiernan to discuss their plans to develop a seed collection business in the Wheatbelt.

We are about to kick off on a project funded through the Wheatbelt Development Commission’s Regional Economic Development Grants which will provide more training to the team on seed collection and investigate how we could progress the development of a new enterprise for the Noongar Budjar Rangers.

This year the team has worked with Greening Australia to develop their skills and completed work for the Edna May Gold Mine collecting seed for their restoration work.

Jermaine Davis of Wheatbelt NRM said “The team has really enjoyed what they have learnt about seed collection so far and are excited to see how they could expand this work to not only grow the Ranger team but give them more opportunity to work on country. Employment options that contribute to healing the land are an exciting possibility.”

Tommy said “I love the work. It’s great to be able to learn more of the science about the trees and the seeds we are collecting and it’s exciting for me to be able to share my culture and stories.”

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