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Forage withstands heavy grazing in first year

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Sustainable Industries

The Barracks Pastoral Co. forage planting project is showing more signs of success. A recent visit to the Mann’s farm revealed that, despite heavy grazing, the forage shrubs planted in July 2020 are performing very well.

Justin and Kelly Mann run a mixed farming operation in Beverley. The property is dissected by creeks and gullies feeding into the Dale River and there is around 400 hectares of un-arable and semi-arable rocky granite hill country.

The Mann’s have been working with Phil Barrett-Lennard on planting mixed salt and bluebush with clovers in the inter-rows. They paired the site with vetch planting into some arable land to help build a fodder chain through the autumn feed gap.

Bonny Dunlop-Heague visited the farm this week and was excited to see that the heavy grazing had not caused any plant losses. The sheep were moved on less than six weeks ago and the plants were already bouncing back with new growth sprouting.

Justin and Kelly are also extremely pleased with the results. On the back of last year’s success, they are currently moving forward with a second demonstration site that includes more forage planting.

The project is supported by funding from the Australian Government’s National Landcare Program.

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