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Double Celebrations For Community Stewardship Grants

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Sustainable Industries

The successful 2021 State NRM Community Stewardship Grants were announced by Hon. Alannah MacTiernan last month and we were thrilled to have two Wheatbelt projects awarded.

2022 Talkin’ Soil Health

To be held in York in March 2022, the two-day Talkin’ Soil Health event will shine a spotlight on regenerative agriculture. It’s an opportunity to hear from world renowned guest speakers and learn from local farmers as they discuss their own regenerative practices. The event will be recorded and will be publicly available via podcasts and webinars.

Collaborative Catchment Approach To Regenerative Ag Practices

Climate change is driving systems change across the Wheatbelt agricultural industry. The current approach to regenerative practices is highly disconnected, with farmers working at an individual farm level. Fundamental behaviour change takes a coordinated approach.

This project, working across the Gabby Quoi Quoi catchment on the North Mortlock River, will trial and demonstrate the triple bottom line outcomes that can be achieved by planning and implementing regenerative practices on a coordinated catchment scale. It will establish a process for catchment level planning that is replicable and provide us with enhanced capability to deliver planning across the region.

About the Community Stewardship Grants Program

The Community Stewardship Grants Program provides funding to support NRM activities across the State. In this round, the State Government has provided $7.5 million to support 96 community projects ranging from wetland rehabilitation and wildlife corridors through to protecting endangered species and feral predator control.

We also congratulate the other grant recipients including our friends at other regional NRMs. For a full list of grant beneficiaries, click here

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