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The Development of Our New 3 Year Plan

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The Wheatbelt NRM Board met in April to kick off the development of our 3 Year Plan for 2018/19 – 2021/22.  In reviewing the success of the current plan, it was noted that while considerable effort went into reporting ‘outputs’ (think ‘number of trees planted’), what was truly inspirational were the ‘outcomes’ (think ‘increase % in vegetation cover or improved habitat’).

This aligns with feedback from staff of the need to re-think the volume and type of reporting that the organisation does. It also aligns with the Australian Government’s push to improve the sophistication of outcome reporting in the program (see Improving data alignment).  It appears we all want the same change!

The team has been challenged with drafting the new 3 Year Plan for our August board meeting and in doing so, to streamline reporting, streamline organisational processes and shore up the links between the 3 Year Plan and the NRM Strategy. We will keep you updated. If you want to check out how we have done delivering the current 3 Year Plan, check out last year’s report card.  Our final report card will be published in December 2018.