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South West Australia Ecoregion covers just 5% of Australia’s landmass
8 000
South West Australia Ecoregion contains about 8,000 plant species.
South West Australia Ecoregion 75% of the plants discovered so far are only found here (endemic).
With as much as 94% of the regions vegetation cleared, and an increasing number of ferals, much of the remaining woodlands containing many of Western Australia's threatened plants and animals are at risk of extinction.

A message from Captain Numbat:

“The Avon River Basin is part of Australia’s only Global Biodiversity Hotspot and it needs your help. This region is home to a variety of unique plants and animals that are under serious threat. In fact, this area has the highest concentration of rare and endangered species in Australia!

I’m assembling a crack-team of biodiversity superheroes and I need you!”


Are you ready to answer the call and become a Hotspot Hero?

A Hotspot Hero is someone who is willing to stand up and take action. As a biodiversity superhero, you will help prevent our threatened plants and animals from fading into oblivion.

Here’s what being a Hotspot Hero means: 

  • You vow to do what you can to protect our threatened plants and animals
  • You can join free school holiday Hero training activities to hone your biodiversity superpowers
  • You’ll receive a series of action-packed Hero Kits with tips on how small actions have big impacts
  • You will be issued with a top-secret biodiversity mission 


It’s free to join. Answer the call and sign up now!

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