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Waterway fencing reconnaissance

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Landholders in the Talbot Brook and Boyagerring creek areas will be hearing from Wheatbelt NRM as we start a new project tackling waterways in the Avon.

Our first step is to find out just how these waterways are going and we are hoping to do a reconnaissance survey on foot of these areas to gauge what areas are fenced, what areas need some help with weed control and revegetation and what else could be done to improve waterway health.

These waterways provide corridors for our native animals and especially our woodland birds to use for refuge and travel between habitat areas.

Erosion of creek lines deposits sediment into the river which fills up the iconic river pools.

Nutrient runoff impacts water quality and contributes to algal blooms.

You may think that creek that runs intermittently through your paddock is really not that important but taking action high in the catchment means the benefits are felt not just in the immediate area but a long way downstream – ultimately in the Swan River in Perth.

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