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Soil CRC - Building Technical Capability in NRM and Grower Groups

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Sustainable Industries

Announced recently by the Australian Government,  the Soil CRC has been awarded funding and will deliver a project over the next two years that builds soil technical capacity and capability in grower groups, Landcare groups and NRM organisations, both within and outside of the CRC.
The project will see three communities of practice (CoPs) being established across Australia, comprising 30 participants from NRM and grower groups in areas of common interest. The participants will undertake learning activities with support from Soil CRC scientists to develop their individual and collective soil knowledge and technical capacity to more effectively extend cutting edge soil science into the broader farming community.
Wheatbelt NRM as a member of the Soil CRC is looking forward to being involved and working to bring the benefits of this project to our Wheatbelt community.

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