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Native seedlings call the Wheatbelt home

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Healthy Environments

Between the 2015 and 2017 winter planting seasons, more than a million native seedlings have gone into the ground as part of Wheatbelt NRM’s Bushcare Grant, Healthy Bushland, Mortlock Connections and Twenty Million Trees projects. Seedlings were supplied by Wheatbelt NRM, with the landholders themselves doing the planting – a handy partnership with common goals. More plantings are already lined up for the winters of 2018 and 2019, and plans are in the works for revegetation projects beyond that as well. 

Landholders all around the Wheatbelt have been working with Wheatbelt NRM and undertaking revegetation on their properties to help combat a variety of environmental issues. Some are using it to help to fight progression of secondary salinity, some to increase wildlife habitat, some to attract crop pollinators and bug-eating birds, and all are using revegetation to improve the potential function or value of their property. Adding native plantings on farms or lifestyle properties has a number of benefits both to productive yield and other land aspects, as many amongst the Wheatbelt community are discovering. And the environmental benefits are pretty good too.