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Financial grants provide assistance for drought preparedness—get your letter of support from Wheatbelt NRM

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Being prepared in the face of a changing climate that is expected to make drought and extreme weather events more common is the target of National policy with the development of the $5 billion Future Drought Fund to help farmers and communities prepare for the impacts of drought and climate change.

Rather than reacting once drought has hit the Future Drought Fund aims to build drought resilience.

Currently, there is a funding opportunity available for organisations, farmer groups and individuals to apply for between $20,000 and $200,000 to build drought resilience on agricultural landscapes.

Drought is not an unexpected occurrence for Western Australian Wheatbelt farm businesses. Climate data records show that WA, along with the rest of Australia, has regularly been affected by drought throughout history. Climate change modelling shows that over the next 25 years many Wheatbelt farm businesses will need to undertake systems-based change if they are to continue to prosper.

Adaptation in the broadacre cropping industry to climate change is likely to require a multifaceted approach.  We will need to use best-adapted crop species and varieties, innovative technologies and decision support tools to improve crop management, water use efficiency, nutrient use efficiency and diversity of plants, animals and micro-organisms above and below the ground. 

If you have an idea that addresses Wheatbelt priorities and could contribute to landscape-scale drought resilience follow the link to

The grant guidelines require you to get a letter of support from the local NRM group. We will provide a letter for projects that align with the Strategic Objectives/ Priorities of the Regional Natural Resource Management Strategy for the Avon River Basin.

Regional NRM Strategy

Please email the Regional Agriculture Landcare Facilitator, Jacquie Lucas via email with a brief outline of your project and a sentence describing how it aligns with the Regional Plan.

Jacquie is also able to provide additional support.

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