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Doing things differently, pathway to success

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Sustainable Industries

In such challenging times for the agricultural sector, it is exciting to see individuals who have taken a chance and are finding success in doing things differently.

Our Soil Health Champion, who will be announced at the Talkin’ Soil Health Conference in March, will likely fit that model, but across Australia, there are farmers on the front line who have a story we could learn from.

A recent article in the Financial Review highlighted Peter Yench from Cobar in central west NSW.

Peter’s 53,000ha property is an oasis of green in an otherwise drought-impacted region.

With a significant herd of sheep and dams full to the brim, Peter appears to have drought proofed his farm.

Peter contributes his survival to carbon farming. “Carbon farming kept us going,” he said.

Mr Yench has sectioned off and protected about 9000ha of native carbon-absorbing plants and trees. Not only for the financial return of selling the carbon credits but the ethical considerations.

Climate change is on” he said. “There has to be some form of abatement.”

His view is that sustainable land management and other carbon farming practices increase resilience to the climate challenges.

Our changing climate means business, as usual, is no longer an option.

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