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Are you tackling Soil Health on your farm?

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Sustainable Industries

Wheatbelt NRM is developing a proposal that if successful will include support for farmers who are seeking to improve the health of their soils through increasing soil carbon and biological activity. 

We are seeking an initial expression of interest from farmers who are introducing or have established some of the following techniques on their farm. 

  • Maintaining ground cover through cover cropping, perennial pasture systems and forage planting
  • Minimisation of synthetic fertiliser, pesticide and herbicide use
  • Use of compost, biochar, wood pellets
  • Use of bio-stimulants such as compost extracts and vermi-liquids
  • Stubble management including stubble maximisation eg stripper headers
  • No (Low) Till systems
  • Clay addition to sandy soils
  • Herbicide reduction through crimper rolling
  • Rotational grazing
  • System diversity, diversity of plants and animals in rotation

To demonstrate community interest and involvement we are developing a list of community EOIs.

If you are interested being part of this please register your interest here.

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