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20 Wheatbelt Farmers Test the Effectiveness of Their Fertilizer Programs

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Sustainable Industries

As part of the Nutrient Use Efficiency Round 4 project, each of the 20 participating farmers are currently undertaking tissue and soil biology sampling at each of their six sites within their trial paddocks.

When combined with harvest results, paddock history and fertilisers used over the last 5 years, this information will be used to determine how efficiently fertilisers have been used on these trial paddocks. Current sampling adds to the data for the overall project which considers results from soil, tissue and grain samples over a 12 month period. This information will guide farmers in the future by understanding how efficiently their fertilizer programs are integrating into their total crop management.  This knowledge will also help to improve the profitability of their farming business through identifying the optimum fertilizer levels for maximum yield without excess nutrient application.

For further information about the Program please email Chris Kennedy at Wheatbelt NRM or telephone 9670 3112.