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Your Say Results from the Wheatbelt NRM AGM

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The Wheatbelt NRM Annual General Meeting saw almost 100 people coming together to vote on 16 projects collated from over 500 submissions to date. In the coming days we will be reformatting the current forum to reflect this input and going forward focus on voting on these 16 projects from our community. In the meantime we would like to share with you some analysis from the AGM consultation workshop:

The projects with the most votes were: Project 11 - Delivering on the Threatened Species Strategy and Project 4 - Farm Trials and Demonstrations projects to support knowledge of Soils Health Management.

The project identified as being of the ‘highest importance’ was: Project 8 - Biodiversity supporting farming outcomes closely followed by Project 11- Delivering on the Threatened Species Strategy and Project 13 - Red Card feral pest management program.

The project which community identified as most being able to help with was: Project 1 - Revegetation

For a more detailed statement on each project please download the voting booklet here.

Please check out the forum next week to vote on your project priorities for Natural Resource Management in the Wheatbelt.