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Your Say with Free Seedlng Day Events Provides Top Wheatbelt Ideas and Concerns

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Wheatbelt NRM conducted Free Seedling Days in nine Wheatbelt communities over the past month which were hugely successful. In particular towns such as York, we were overwhelmed with the response by townsfolk and those in surrounding areas.

Local community members took advantage of the free seedlings (a mix of ground covers, shrubs and trees) on offer to add habitat to their gardens for wildlife and in return, Wheatbelt NRM staff could assist with questions about their organisation’s projects and programs and have eager participants complete a short survey. There is still time to offer your ideas for projects and join in the survey which offers the opportunity for you to have ‘Your Say’ on how funding is spent on waterways, bushland, farms and towns in the Wheatbelt. Have ‘Your Say’ too

The Free Seedling Days also provided a chance to support our organisation and donate, so that Wheatbelt NRM can develop and implement projects aimed at sustaining our vision to have a vibrant Wheatbelt community that creates healthy environments and livelihoods. As a community-based not-for-profit, we currently rely on accessing various government programs to support our work, however these often fall short of what is necessary to address the important work we have ahead of us. This is why we call you to donate to assist in our various efforts to combat the many challenges affecting this unique region. And when the community decides, we want to enact these projects to enable our vision. Feedback from our Associate members is important to us, so we must make special mention of a kind note sent to us with a recent donation which read, “ Many thanks for your regular newsletters and yearly calendar. I am loving it – please continue!” If you would like more information on donating, click here.