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Tarin Rock BioBlitz 2016 Delivers the Goods

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Wheatbelt NRM and Dumbleyung Landcare Zone recently hosted the 2016 Tarin Rock BioBlitz near Lake Grace. BioBlitzes are citizen science initiatives where a snapshot is taken of birds, mammals, insects, reptiles and plants over a 24 hour period, this time at Tarin and North Tarin Rock Nature Reserves.

Despite the forecasted inclement weather and strong winds, the weekend was attended by over 60 enthusiasts from all over the south west with well over 400 species identified.

Highlights included finding Echidnas, Golden Whistlers, Southern Scrub-wren chicks, Western Bearded Dragons and Bandy Bandy snakes, as well as spying a Wedge-tailed Eagles nest with chick.

Team leaders exploring flora in the reserve only walked about 20 metres into the bush from the road, but were still able to identify over 100 species of plants before running out of daylight, indicating the incredible diversity in the Avon Region.

Quandong nuts chewed by Western Mice

Other interesting finds include large numbers of chewed Quandong nuts located under dense bushes – a good indicator of the presence of the conservation dependent Western Mouse (Pseudomys occidentalis).

Unfortunately, motion sensing camera traps placed out prior to the BioBlitz also picked up the presence of feral foxes and cats which hunt on the reserve’s smaller native animals.

Thanks to all who attended the event and to our amazingly knowledgeable Volunteer Team Leaders.

Special thanks to the Dumbleyung Landcare Zone who helped organise the event and made the weekend a great success.

View photos from the event here!