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Salinity Review – What Wheatbelt NRM has to say

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The consultation process for “A New Direction for Salinity Management in Western Australia: a review” (get the document) is closing on 30 June.  You can add your comments into a simple online form here.  Or you can attach a more detailed response.

We have submitted our response and thought it would be valuable to share it with the Wheatbelt Community so that we: 

  • Can inspire you to do your own response
  • Can hear back from you on what you think about what we have had to say (email us at
  • Can make doing a response easier for you, feel free to cut and paste the text

Our end game with this is to get as many responses from the Wheatbelt community as we can.  An EPA rep said, in one of the consultation meetings, that salinity didn’t seem to be an issue any more because it hasn't been raised with them by the community.

Salinity is an issue for the Wheatbelt, it impacts the entire system and we now have an opportunity to influence the State Government's management response.

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Salinity review_WheatbeltNRM_V1.0.docx.pdf
27th June 2019