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Orchid App supports citizen science

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Wild Orchid Watch is a national citizen science project that is designed to collect and record scientific information about Australian native orchids.

This online portal aims to be a hub for all orchid lovers to put all their information in one place and then scientists will have access to their data and we can map the distribution of orchid species across Australia.

Orchid enthusiasts love to share their latest find with the orchid community and this App allows you to upload photos and other details.

Ecologist Kate Irvine from the University of Adelaide has been working on this project, she says “

“Orchids are a really a vital part of the ecosystem but do tend to disappear quite quickly when there’s been a disturbance at a site so it’s really important that we can map where orchids are.” 

Find out how you can join forces with Australia’s orchid community and play your part in the protection of these Australian beauties.

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