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Legislation may impact citizen science

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You may be aware that the requirements for Western Australia’s ethics approval for research and monitoring involving wildlife are due to be enforced from 1 July 2021.

Certain environmental studies require scientific licensing. This includes approval from an Animal Ethics Committee.

The Animal Ethics Committee (AEC) process is not intended to limit conservation efforts.

DPIRD is keen to work with citizen science, groups and not-for-profit organisations and would try to ensure that legal requirements were enforced in a reasonable and practical way.

They would like to get a better understanding of the number and types of community-based citizen science projects (current and planned) that may require Animal Ethics Committee (AEC) oversight. This will assist them to develop a business case for a community-based AEC.

WA Landcare Network has agreed to collate a list of community citizen science projects being undertaken by its members and the wider Landcare community on behalf of DPIRD.

If your group carries out wildlife studies please have a look at the document below and see if you may need a license.

If you think you do, you can register your project with WALN here Citizen Science Projects Register

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17th December 2020