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Free Website for Landcare Groups

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Would you like to build your Landcare group’s online presence to; keep your local and volunteer community updated, have stronger engagement, and grow your group’s fundraising capability? MOBLE and Landcare Australia have partnered to present each Landcare group an opportunity to design, build and create a free website, designed specifically for volunteer groups.

By taking up this free offer, you’ll have the opportunity to win a free 120-page website with lifetime hosting for your Landcare group, worth over $3,000. As the winner, you will also receive a half-day photoshoot to personalise the look and feel of your brand new website.

When you register, you’ll have access to easy to follow, online sessions that will teach you how to build your website in four easy steps. Using MOBLE’s intuitive drag-and-drop award winning platform, there are hundreds of pre-built templates to choose from to build your group’s unique and personalised website.

Everyone wins! Even with just your free two page MOBLE website, you’ll receive free lifetime hosting, giving your group a starting platform for building a presence in the ever-important online sphere.

To go in the running to receive a 120-page website with free lifetime hosting, be sure to get creative and complete your two page MOBLE website by 11 November, 2016. The winning entry will be judged on design, percentage of website completed, and the overall user experience.

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