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Dowerin Done and Dusted for 2019

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Did you visit the NRM Supertent at Dowerin last week? If you didn’t you missed out on:

Seedling giveaways, free everlastings, holding a snake, cuddling a possum, talking bush tucker, fodder options and Wheatbelt woodlands, sniffing sandalwood, tackling climate change and searching for a needle in the haystack.

Thank you to all who came to visit us.

Once again our native animals including Anna the carpet python and a tawny frogmouth who many thoughts was stuffed were an exciting attraction.

Our “Friends in the Tent” had a busy time chatting to the public and thank you to:

  • RM Surveys
  • Australian Sandalwood Cooperative
  • Outback Carbon
  • Rapid Geophysics and
  • CWA of WA

For joining us.

Kent Broad of Outback Carbon said:

“We really enjoyed the two days and thought the ‘vibe’ was positive. We received quite a few leads and interest in both reveg and soil  for carbon sequestration.”

Welcome to all our new Associate members and thank you for joining Wheatbelt NRM.

But you don’t have to wait for Dowerin to have a chat. Contact us at if you need some advice or information.



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