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Containers for Change – the next big thing in recycling

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Environment Minister Stephen Dawson has announced that Western Australia’s container deposit scheme will start on Tuesday, 2 June 2020.

Western Australians will be able to return and recycle their eligible containers at any Containers for Change refund point to receive a 10 cents refund per container.

More than 170 full-time or flexible refund points will be open for business on June 2 next year, with 229 refund points to open by the end of the scheme's first year.

Containers for Change, run by not-for-profit WA Return Recycle Renew Ltd, will be the driving force behind changing consumer behaviours when it comes to recycling beverage containers.

 Beverage containers currently account for 44 per cent of all litter by volume in WA.

The scheme aims to deliver a positive impact on our environment by reducing littering, reducing waste to landfill and providing an economic benefit to community groups and the like who may use this as a fund raising opportunity.

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