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Wheatbelt icons a focus for door knocking

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Healthy Environments

The iconic Carnaby’s cockatoo, Red-tailed phascogale, Numbat and Chuditch are all threatened species that call the critically endangered Eucalypt Woodlands of the Western Australian Wheatbelt (a Threatened Ecological Community) home.

Wheatbelt NRM is committed to conserving the unique woodlands of the Wheatbelt and is looking for community members to partner with us.

The Wheatbelt NRM Healthy Environments team are currently out and about, knocking on the doors of landholders identified as possibly having populations of rarer Eucalypt Woodland vegetation types on their property. Our first round of door knocking is targeted towards patches of bush likely to be home to the 10 most unique vegetation types in the Avon River Basin. If you return home to find a letter from our team on your doorstep, it means your property may be home to some special woodlands and we would like to talk to you and assess the quality and type of woodland in your patch of bush.

If you believe you may have Eucalypt Woodlands that meet the criteria for these threatened woodlands (see the description here) we’d love to hear from you. For further information please contact Anika Dent at or 9670 3104.

 This project is an initiative of the Australian Government through the National Landcare Program.