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Wheatbelt emblem is avoiding the ‘Extinction Pit’

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The WA State emblem – the Numbat, is a Wheatbelt native and has been fighting a battle for survival and only a few years ago was on the edge of the ‘extinction pit’.

The ‘extinction pit’ is where a species has become so rare it will soon disappear.

In Dryandra woodland in the southern Wheatbelt action to take out foxes in the woodland was showing success but those working to save the Numbat soon realised the vacuum was being filled by feral cats coming in from the surrounding agricultural areas.

But now a multi-prong attack on feral animals is showing results with cat numbers down and numbat numbers up.

A new feral cat bait is being used in the reserve and farmers in the surrounding areas are targeting cats with cat traps.

As part of a joint DBCA and Peel Harvey Catchment Council project the farmers are doing what they can to look after our native wildlife.

And they are seeing a difference with one farmer saying they are seeing a lot more native animals around their farm.

It just shows our unique Wheatbelt natives can avoid extinction with some help from dedicated locals and some innovation in feral animal control.

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