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What woodland is that?

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Healthy Environments

There are over 70 different sub-communities of the Critically Endangered Eucalypt Woodlands of the Western Australian Wheatbelt ecological community.

They were formally the most common type of vegetation across the Wheatbelt landscape.

The woodlands are characterised by a variety of eucalypt species over an understory that is highly variable in structure and composition. The trees are spaced apart and the canopy is relatively open.

So the question is how can we tell what woodland we are looking at and whether it is part of this threatened community or not.

Wheatbelt NRM has invested resources into identifying our woodlands and are here to help you protect your favourite patch.

To find out more about one of our Wando woodland communities, click here:

(Above: Wandoo & Powderbark Wandoo with healthy understorey)

(Above: Wandoo remnant that could do with stock exclusion and some infill planting)

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