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Red Tape not an issue when you work with Wheatbelt NRM

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Healthy Environments

The Wheatbelt NRM Healthy Environments Team are here to work with and support the community to look after the environmental assets on their land. It is these remnant patches of bush that are unique to the Wheatbelt and provide refuge for our unique flora and fauna.

Sometimes we have landholders who are unaware about who we are and what happens when they do work with us. We thought it was worth clarifying how does it all work.

  • Wheatbelt NRM is not a government or regulatory body;
  • All work is negotiated with the landholder and agreed to by them;
  • We cannot force a landholder to do anything, and we would never want to;
  • We work with landholders to create projects that fit in with their farm business, their lifestyle and their level of interest;
  • Our partnerships start with a conversation to create a shared understanding of what both of us are looking to achieve;
  • In many cases landholders have a plan and just need a bit of support to get underway.

 Wheatbelt NRM’s overarching strategy is to get the Wheatbelt community active in improving their environment, now and into the future.

Our aim is to work with landholders so they gain the confidence and the passion to keep going on their own, thus creating a legacy of community action.

Keep an eye out in the coming weeks for which opportunities may suit you and your operation or feel free to contact us at  

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