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Native vegetation proposed policy objective aims to protect unique and at risk flora

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The WA Government is seeking feedback on proposed initiatives to better manage the State’s native vegetation.

The ultimate aim is to develop a new Native Vegetation Policy.

The proposed policy objectives include:

  • The management of native vegetation is consistent, transparent and strategic and strikes a balance between environmental, economic, social and cultural outcomes to Western Australians.
  • Western Australia’s native vegetation is strategically conserved and restored to maintain and improve ecological function and biodiversity at a landscape scale.
  • Higher priority and strategic protection for unique and at-risk native vegetation, tailored to the regional setting

The Regional NRM Strategy for the Avon River Basin sets a threshold for vegetation cover of 30% and currently only the Great Western Woodlands meets that benchmark, so any improvements to the management of native vegetation can have a real benefit to the region. Alternatively any weakening of the regulations could have dire consequences as well.

An Issues Paper has been developed and community forums are planned including one in Northam on Tuesday 3 December. Register Here

Wheatbelt NRM definitely will be looking quite closely at the issues paper and forming a response

We will draft an initial response and we invite you to provide us with comment that we can incorporate. We will also share our draft with the community for feedback and to help you draft your own response.

We will keep you posted as we move forward with this.

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