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Malleefowl watching breaks up the long haul

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Thank you truckies, for reporting malleefowl!

We recently received a call from a truck driver - who spotted malleefowl on the road between Mukinbudin and Bencubbin.

We are also receiving reports from farmers who are seeing malleefowl out and about while they are seeding, which is exciting news!

Check out the photos below of malleefowl recently captured out near Kulja.

Please keep up the reporting, as every recorded sighting helps to give us a better idea of the malleefowl’s distribution throughout the Wheatbelt, and where we should be targeting our efforts to ensure these iconic birds are protected.

Malleefowl are cryptic birds, and while they sometimes use the same mounds, they don’t necessarily use the same mound each year; so when we get reports of malleefowl and not just a mound, it is that much more important - knowing they are still out there.

Wheatbelt NRM are currently working with landholders who have confirmed malleefowl habitat and have seen malleefowl recently, but we would like to hear from more farmers who have malleefowl and/or malleefowl habitat!

Be careful to keep an eye out when driving around, as they often come onto the road when roaming around for food.

Use Survey123 to record a malleefowl sighting. Find the survey here:

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