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Malleefowl – drive with care

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The spilt grain on roadsides is a major temptation for native animals at this time of year.

Kangaroos and other large animals that can cause significant accidents will stop for grain on the road so be careful with your own safety when driving.  

The threatened malleefowl is no exception and it takes advantage of free offerings left behind by grain trucks.

Being large, ground-dwelling birds, malleefowl are under serious threat of becoming roadkill.

Monitoring in the Wheatbelt and pastoral areas of Western Australia suggests that the loss of adult birds through roadkill critically undermines the sustainability of Malleefowl populations (McNeill, 2014).

They are rare and likely to become extinct in WA so taking extra care to avoid hitting them with your car at this time when they might be attracted to roads is really important for the protection of this vulnerable creature.

If you’d like to help with our citizen science monitoring of malleefowl throughout the region please download the survey 123 application (IOS or android) and use the QR code here .

We use this information to help inform where in the region we should be working on malleefowl.

McNeill, G., unpublished poster. Is road kill the greatest threat to adult Malleefowl survival in bush remnants in agricultural areas? 2014 National Malleefowl Forum. September 12 & 15, 2014, Dubbo, New South Wales.

This project is supported through funding from the Australian Government’s National Landcare Program.

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