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Farmers revegetating the Wheatbelt

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Healthy Environments

Nineteen landholders across the Wheatbelt will work with Wheatbelt NRM to undertake revegetation works over the next two years. As part of the Australian Governments 20 Million Trees Program and the National Landcare Program this work will add 341 ha of revegetation to the Wheatbelt landscape.

With some areas of the Wheatbelt only having 6% remnant vegetation remaining, replanting with a diverse range of native species can help conserve our fragile environment. Additionally landholders will fence sites to protect the plantings from grazing and undertake action to control feral pest animals.

The participating landholders are:

  •  Doug and Debbie Clarke
  • Richard Guinness
  • Keith Ladyman
  • Trevor McLean
  • Tim and Vicki Medlen
  • Nigel Morrison
  • Kim Noonan
  • Dean Palmer
  • Chrissie Parker
  • Morrie and Vicki Smith
  • Frank Varone
  • Gareth and Cherie Walton
  • Ricky and Colleen Beatty
  • Mary and Andrew Cotterell
  • John Lynn
  • Glen Metcalf
  • Jamie Arthur and Garth Wolfenden
  • Wes Metcalf
  •  Anthony and Peter Spark