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Cats – The killing machines

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We know feral cats are an enormous problem for our native wildlife, with the Threatened Species Hub saying they kill more than three billion animals per year.

And a recent photo was taken by accident by researchers on the NT/ Queensland border shows a feral cat carrying a sand goanna, prey that could weigh up to 6 kgs, how big does that make the cat?

But it’s not just the ferals that are the problem. Pet cats are wreaking havoc as well. A new analysis reveals that each roaming pet cat kills 186 reptiles, birds and mammals per year.

And just because you don’t see any evidence of killed animals don’t think your cat is not part of the problem. On average cats only bring home 15% of their prey.

186 is a very specific number. See where it comes from by clicking here:

View the cat and goanna photo by clicking here:

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