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Immediate action to save fire impacted threatened species

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The Australian Government has taken immediate action to help protect threatened species that have been impacted by the bushfires ravaging the eastern states.

An initial analysis indicates that 49 threatened species have 80% of their distribution are within the fire extent.

Another 140 threatened species have had between 30% to 80% of their distribution area impacted.

The Australian Government has launched the $50m Bushfire Wildlife and Habitat Recovery package to support emergency wildlife and habitat recovery.

$7m has been committed to emergency interactions, such as pest and weed control, while $5m is committed to increase seed supply and $2.5m to volunteer coordination.

$10m will support wildlife rescue and zoos.

Many of these impacted species are holding on in isolated populations and a natural disaster such as these bush fires shows just how easy it could be to lose an entire species in one event.

While in WA we have not been so seriously impacted by bushfires this summer some of our threatened species are in a precarious positon and one wild fire could wipe them out.

That is why our Wheatbelt NRM projects such as the Matchstick Banksia recovery and the Malleefowl and Carnabys Cockatoo projects are so important, because the best option for recovery is to secure more areas of habitat for all our threatened species before disasters strike.

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