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Who is Waakal, the Noongar Rainbow Serpent?

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Aboriginal NRM

Who is Waakal and why is he important to the Noongar people? As a matter of fact, it is a central figure in Noongar culture, it is one of most important Noongar Peoples’ Stories. Our Noongar Stories, also known as ‘The Dreaming’, is a term also used to describe Aboriginal creation stories about events that shaped the physical, moral and spiritual world and continues to renew and sustain itself even today.

For Noongar, the Spirit Snake/The Creator of The Noongar Universe and The Giver of Noongar Lore gives Noongar people foundation to the meaning of life.

There are many spellings of the name for the Spirit Snake and his name has been spelt Waakal, Waakle, Woggal, Wogal and Waagle. Interestingly, these spellings are all correct and these names all refer to the one and same Spirit snake/the Creator of the Noongar universe and the giver of Noongar lore. The Noongar people say that the Waakal dominated the earth and the sky, creating waterways and people. Noongar people believe that the Waakal gave life and sustenance to people, who in return became custodians of the land.