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Sustainable Industries

Innovative sustainable agriculture trial sites being managed with landholders and grower groups
Farms participating in improved nutrient management demonstration sites
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Seedlings provided to establish sustainable and profitable form production systems using perennial plants
Field days and workshops supported highlighting sustainable agriculture farming practices


Wheatbelt NRM's Sustainable Industries program helps landholders maintain a productive agricultural industry that is environmentally sustainable.


The Sustainable Industries program works to increase the number of landholders using management practices that improve our natural resources. This includes benefits to biodiversity, soil health and water quality, while increasing production, income and resilience. To achieve these outcomes, we:

  • promote and support innovation in sustainable cropping and grazing practices
  • encourage using soil nutrient management practices that have environmental benefits
  • promote carbon farming activities
  • support trial and demonstration sites
  • promote the biodiversity benefits of agroforestry alongside traditional farming systems
  • add perennial plants into agricultural systems for biodiversity, water and soil outcomes
  • support decision-making processes to help landholders choose suitable management methods
  • identify and develop innovative technologies to improve NRM in the Wheatbelt
  • help the community build networks, knowledge and skills to run onground NRM projects and increase sustainable agricultural practices

The farm practice change model underpins the Sustainable Industries program. The model describes the process that farmers follow when making decisions to alter farming practices – from motivation to trialling and exploration to adopting the change. We build strong relationships with our community over years, not months, so that regional NRM goals are included when making everyday decisions on farm practices.

Community Input
We are always looking for community input into our programs. If you have new ideas for activities on your lands, contact the Sustainable Industries Project Managers on 08 9670 3100 to discuss your ideas or submit your project idea to us.
What’s happening in the Wheatbelt and beyond?

The AGTRIALSITES website showcases sustainable agriculture trials across Western Australia. It aims to encourage collaboration and knowledge sharing throughout the WA NRM community. The website features trial and demonstration sites across a range of industries, including viticulture, horticulture, intensive grazing, broadacre cropping/grazing, agroforestry, and pastoral grazing. Topics vary from sandalwood to saltbush, compost to lime, dung beetle to blue gums – all with production and environmental benefits. Trial and demonstration sites will be updated over time.

Visit the site to provide feedback and comments via the "Post Reply" box.

Sustainable Industries Projects

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Sustainable Industries

Growers and consultants are invited to come on tour with Department of Agriculture and Food, Western Australia soils experts to look at options to manage soil constraints.


Hear from the Department's soils experts and innovative growers at large scale and research sites.


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Sustainable Industries

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Sustainable Industries


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Sustainable Industries

Mapping Plant Available Water-Holding Capacity (PAWC) using electromagnetic (EM) and Radiometric Surveying.


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Sustainable Industries

The Fulwood’s have been successfully deep ripping on their property for years but recently they’ve been questioning whether they are going deep enough.


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Sustainable Industries

This weekend, more than 30 members of Farmers for Climate Action met in person to draw up plans for the rapidly growing advocacy group. Among them were farmers from Victoria, New South Wales, Western Australia, Queensland and Tasmania, with most commodities represented.


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Sustainable Industries

The heavy rains experienced in February this year took most of us by surprise and while rains are always welcome, floods, erosion and other consequences created a need for mitigation across many Wheatbelt properties.


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Sustainable Industries

Member for Central Wheatbelt Mia Davies MLA is encouraging future leaders in the agricultural industry to apply for the 2018 Nuffield Scholarship program.


Become part of a tree growing network
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Sustainable Industries

A Master TreeGrower course will soon be run in the Northam district, starting in late July 2017.



The Great Debate with Dr Richard George

The Great Debate with Cec McConnell

The Great Debate with Glenice Batchelor

Farm Systems with Dr Sarita Bennett

Rumen Microbiology with Professor Phil Vercoe

The 'how to' guide for perennial grazing systems with Dr Dean Revell

Harvesting Brushwood

Instructional video demonstrating the best techniques and options for harvesting brushwood.

The Salt Bush Project

Saltbush with Aboriginal Land Manager Dennis Hayward

Wheatbelt Champion Nick Kelly

Nick Kelly from Newdegate Western Australia successfully grows millet as a summer crop which has improved soil quality and water

Wheatbelt Champion Gavin Hagboom

Farmer,Gavin Hagboom uses the Albrecht System to improve soil health in sandy, low rainfall country in the Wheatbelt of Western


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