Trials and Demonstrations

Annual Pasture System (Left) vs Perennial Pasture (Right)

Trials and Demonstrations

The trials and demonstrations project will be assisting in establishing high-quality large and small scale demonstration sites across the Avon River Basin that will look at innovative practices within cropping management, sustainable grazing, agroforestry, and soil management systems. It will also encourage the adoption of innovative practices into farming systems, based on the success of the trials and demonstrations.
Delivery Organisation
Wheatbelt NRM

Jo Wheeler

Project Manager – Sustainable Industries

Phone: (08) 9670 3121

Mobile: 0419 753 248


This project will work with the community to trial and demonstrate innovative practices that protect the resource base and contribute to environmental management.


These trials will include both small and large scale sites, and will have outcomes that can be adopted across the region. Practices that are being trialled fall into four theme areas of improved cropping management, sustainable grazing systems, agroforestry and soil management. The types of activities will be driven by community needs and interests, and will be informed and supported by current scientific knowledge and understanding.


The farm practice change model will continue to be a foundation of the project, with trials / demonstrations used to drive peer to peer learning. This will be supported by a sophisticated extension strategy, including field days, workshops, training opportunities, provision of technical advice, and digital, printed and social media.


This role will:

  • Promote the adoption of sustainable land management practices across the Avon River Basin by farming entities 
  • Encourage farming entities to conduct innovative trials in cropping management, sustainable grazing systems, agroforestry and soil management 
  • Provide extension and technical advice to assist farming entities to improve their knowledge and skills in soil health, innovative cropping practices and impacts of climate change through Encourage regional groups or communities and individuals to engaged in specific NRM activities relating to improved cropping management, sustainable grazing systems, agroforestry and soil management