Soil Health & Nutrient Use Efficiency

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Soil Health & Nutrient Use Efficiency

The aim of this project is to assist farmers to adopt sustainable farming practices that enhance the health of their soils without compromising the yield.

Jo Wheeler

Project Manager – Sustainable Industries

Phone: (08) 9670 3121

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This project will assist farmers to improve their skills and knowledge to optimise their nutrient management for soil health and agricultural production using innovative agricultural solutions to achieve greater NRM benefits. Ongoing funding rounds up to $2000 will be available for farmers to implement adequate new practices that enhance soil quality.


The aim of this program is to develop soil monitoring, management and nutrient planning demonstration sites across the Avon River Basin which will then be used to develop a series of extension activities and materials (case studies and fact sheets) to encourage neighbouring farmers to prioritise soil health and nutrient management. 


Demonstration sites will be selected through an EOI process and will demonstrate best practice nutrient management and/or soil testing practices:

  • Improved decision making from soil testing: farmers privately funding standard soil testing will be supported to better interrogate their soil testing information for nutrient management decision making and undertake testing of ‘non-standard’ parameters of soil health to show case innovation in soil testing for improved nutrient management decision making.
  • Nutrient management practice demonstration: farmers privately funding innovative best-practice management techniques will be supported by the project through funded soil testing to provide evidence of the impact these practices have on soil health.


The demonstration sites will provide a focus point for sharing community and industry learning in nutrient management through peer to peer networks as defined by the farm practice change model.

The project will deliver an extension strategy that builds an understanding of the soil health factors limiting production amongst the farming community (Soil pH, compaction, salinity, toxicity, pests and diseases), and provide training in the use of decision support tools and technological advances that will enable farmers to manage nutrients better and to independently interpret soil testing results to guide soil management. 


The project will involve:

  • Promoting and encouraging farming entities to adopt sustainable practices within their everyday farming systems and increasing the overall land area managed using sustainable practices 
  • Through promotion of the projects outcomes increase the numbers of individuals influenced by the initiative
  • The project assists regional land managers to improve their knowledge and skills in sustainable nutrient management.


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