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Reece Boyne comes from a long line of farmers. His great grandfather started farming ‘Tarapan’, the family’s home farm, back in 1907. The Boyne family decided to expand the business in the 1970’s, purchasing ‘Adrook’. In recent years the Boyne’s had seen some of the cropping paddocks being battered
by the elements. They knew that replanting trees would be necessary to provide protection from further erosion. “Being on an upper slope in the landscape and having no wind breaks it was very exposed to wind and water erosion”, Reece explained. “Less sheep could be stocked in the paddock and it was harder for the crops to establish due to the constant strong winds”. Their local Natural Resource Management Officer was aware they were looking for funding to help them with the venture so when Wheatbelt NRM announced the Soil Conservation Incentives Program they were one of the first know.