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Colorado Farm, owned and operated by Graeme and Natalie Manton is located 17km north of Yealering in
the Corrigin Shire. Approximately 70 percent of the 2000ha property is sown to wheat, barley, canola and
lupins with the remaining 30 percent of the land used for grazing sheep.
Over the past decade a whole farm approach has been adopted to improve the profitability and sustainability
of the business. The following activities have been undertaken in order to achieve these goals:
• implemented a no-till seeding system,
• planted the perimeter of paddocks with eucalypts and tagasaste to reduce wind erosion,
• planted oil mallees in blocks and alleys to lower water table, provide shelter and prevent wind erosion;
• planted saltbush to reduce the watertable and increase grazing options, and
• improved pastures.
The challenges of wind erosion, especially on the sand plain soils, and salinity have been the catalyst for the
implementation of a series of natural resource management projects since 2005 to improve profitability and
sustainability of the business.