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Situated low within the landscape of the Corrigin shire is Wilcurra farm. Ivan and Helen Lee have spent their lives working this 4000ha property and naturally they have developed an intimate understanding of the land. They are well aware of how the water moves through the soil, recharging the sprawling saline valley floors and the adjacent Avon River. For as long as Ivan can remember these saline valley floors have been a permanent feature of the low lying landscape, however recently some patches have started to spread across the flats. “For thirty years we had a functional dam, but it is salty now”, Ivan mentioned. To stop the salt encroaching into his good cropping country Ivan began pumping water out of these salty areas. “Removing the excess water with the pumps was doing a good job but this became too expensive with the rising cost of power and was no longer feasible for us to continue”, Ivan said. He also tried deep drains, but found that the water didn’t move quickly enough through the clay based soils.