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A World of Soil Information – Celebrating WA Development & Innovation
Tuesday 05th December, 2017 - 08:30 am
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“A World of Soil Information – Celebrating WA Development & Innovation” - a program full of topical presentations, innovation displays, media launches, student poster displays, a soil cake morning tea, and more! Hosted by the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development together with SoilsWest at Technology Park, Bentley.

On this day, the global community takes stock of the contribution that the gritty natural asset below our feet has made to our quality of life. The event will demonstrate that soil is an integral component of our functional and beautiful environment, and the medium in which our life and society is sustained through the provision of ecosystem services and the production of our food. Please join us to celebrate soils on Tuesday 5 December 2017! **Please register your interest to attend this event ** Register here

These celebrations:

  • Encourage society to strive to improve our understanding of soil;
  • Contribute to the increasing professionalism of soil science, natural resource management and the environmental sectors; and
  • Represent an opportunity to network and share ideas with colleagues and friends.

A World of Soil Information (Celebrating WA Development & Innovation)

Technology Park Function Centre (Seminar Room 1)

2 Brodie-Hall Dr, Bentley

8:30am to 1:30pm (an open community morning) Draft Program

To assist in celebrating World Soil Day in 2017, University Students of Western Australia are invited to submit a quality poster on their Soil or Landscape research study. The Posters will be placed on display at the WA World Soil Day event at the Technology Park function centre on Tuesday, 5 December 5. Submissions are due by 20 November. Further information here

Program - World Soil Day - 5 Dec 2017 AM.pdf
28th March 2018
2 Brodie-Hall Dr
Bentley WA 6102